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Defense Against Terrorism Centre of Excellence (DAT COE)

Ankara, Turkey

Who we are:

COE-DAT is a NATO accredited multi-national sponsored entity located in Ankara, Turkey, whose membership is open to all NATO members. The Centre is composed of 62 multi-national billets with representatives from 8 nations focused on providing key decision-makers with realistic solutions to terrorism and Counterterrorism (CT) challenges. Like the other accredited COEs, COE-DAT is designed to complement NATO’s current resources while also serving as NATO’s Department Head in Education and Training for CT. As such, COE-DAT is charged with ensuring synergy, coordination, and collaboration across this discipline. Since COE-DAT’s inauguration in 2005, the Centre has worked in partnership with over 2503 guest lecturers, conducted 217 educational and training activities on site or through Mobile Training Teams, and hosted over 12456 participants from 108 countries on a myriad of terrorism and CT topics impacting NATO.


COE-DAT’s mission is to provide key decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding to terrorism and CT challenges, in order to transform NATO and Nations of interest to meet future security challenges. This transformation is embedded into NATO’s three declared core task of collective defence, crisis management, and cooperative security.


An internationally recognized and respected resource for Defence Against Terrorism expertise for NATO, the hub of a wide network of international military, government, non-government, industry and academic communities of interest.

Functions and Activities:

COE-DAT, within its capacity and typically through our Programme of Work , supports the Sponsoring Nations, NATO, Partners, Non-NATO entities, and other stakeholders in their Defence Against Terrorism and CT efforts with emphasis on military effectiveness and interoperability amongst assets, forces, and capabilities.

Supporting Garrison:

US Army Garrison (USAG) Italy [External Link]

NATO Organizations:

Defense Against Terrorism Centre of Excellence (DAT COE) [External Link]


Country Culture Field Guides:

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Ankara Welcome Packet:

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