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FACTSHEET | May 6, 2018

Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC-France)

Lille, France

Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps-France (HQ RRC-FR), created on 1 July 2005, is a French headquarters, NATO certified, able to command a national or multinational land component of between 5,000 and 60,000 personnel.

With more than 400 military coming from thirteen different nations, HQ RRC-FR is stationed in Lille, within a 17th-century citadel also known as "the Queen of the Citadels", designed by the famous French Field Marshal Vauban.

Reactiveflexible and "open to the world", HQ RRC-FR is a purpose-built organisation, designed to handle the complexity of military operations of the early twenty-first century.

Following a detailed examination of its capabilities, the Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps-France was certified High Readiness Force (HRF) by NATO in July 2007. Only seven headquarters are certified as such in Europe.

Once placed on alert, it is able to deploy reconnaissance teams to an operation area within two days, following a political decision to commit troops, and a light command post (CP) in less than ten days.


USANATO Support Unit:


Unit 21420

APO AE 09705-1420


Commercial: +32 6544 8102

DSN: 314-423-8102

Supporting Garrison:

US Army Garrison (USAG) Benelux [External Link]


Lille Welcome Packet:

Lille Welcome Packet