FACTSHEET | May 7, 2018

Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples

Naples, Italy

The mission of Allied Joint Force Command Naples is to prepare for, plan and conduct military operations in order to preserve the peace, security and territorial integrity of Alliance member states throughout SACEUR's Area of Responsibility (AOR) and beyond.

In addition, JFC Naples is to contribute to crisis management and deterrence by ensuring that assigned headquarters and forces are at the designated state of readiness for the conduct and support of operations, and to conduct prudent operational level military analysis and planning that includes the identification of required forces. JFC Naples is to contribute to the development, conduct and evaluation of exercises to train Allied and Partner HQs and Forces in NATO joint/combined procedures. It shall also contribute to stability throughout the Euro-Atlantic area through cooperation and dialogue under Partnership for Peace, the Mediterranean Dialogue, enhanced relations with Russia and Ukraine, as well as other initiatives in the field of consultation and engagement of non-NATO nations. It shall also work with Allied Command Transformation, in particular to promote the provision of capable combined/joint HQs, forces and capabilities.


USANATO Support Unit:


PSC 813 BOX 23 

FPO AE 09620


CDR - +39-044-461-7314 or DSN - 314-637-7314

1SG - +39-044-461-7313 or DSN - 314-637-7313



Supporting Garrison:

US Army Garrison (USAG) Italy [External Link]

NATO Organizations:

Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples [External Link]