FACTSHEET | May 10, 2018

Allied Land Command (LANDCOM)

Izmir, Turkey

Land Command (LANDCOM) will be the leading advocate for Soldiers and Land Forces in NATO, responsible for ensuring their effectiveness and interoperability.

LANDCOM provides expertise in support of Alliance land forces readiness, competency and standardization -- including their evaluation and certification; delivers a planning capability in support of Higher headquarters and the NATO Force Structure (NFS); and when directed by Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), provides the core of the headquarters element responsible for the conduct of land operations and the synchronization of land forces command and control (C2) in accordance with the Allied Level of Ambition (LOA).

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Supporting Garrison:

US Army Garrison (USAG) Italy [External Link]

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Allied Land Command (LANCOM) [External Link]


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Izmir Welcome Packet